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Virtual reality becomes real in the corporate arena

IT WEB You’ve applied for a job but when you arrive for your interview, instead of sitting down to impress the interviewer with the answers you’ve carefully prepared, you’re put in a quiet room, handed a virtual reality headset, and told to escape from a distant planet with the help of your spaceship crew members – […]

How data management is changing

As data and workloads transition to the cloud, data management best practices become increasingly important in guiding how businesses manage the data and use it across the entire organisation. That’s the view of Sherrine Green-Thompson, SmarterData area lead at open source enterprise solutions company, Obsidian Systems, who says this is especially important in the hybrid cloud environment, and […]

Facial recognition learns to recognise emotions

IT-Online New AI facial expression recognition technology detects subtle changes in facial expression with a high degree of accuracy, giving machines the ability to correctly judge humans’ emotions. The new technology was developed by Fujitsu Laboratories and Fujitsu Laboratories of America in collaboration with Carnegie Mellon University School of Computer Science. One of the obstacles […]

SEACOM cutting off ISPs – “Nothing other than corporate greed”

MyBroadBand SEACOM’s decision to change its peering policy in South Africa from free and open peering to selective peering is “nothing other than corporate greed”. This is the view of an ISP executive who said SEACOM’s decision is commercial and incongruous with its previous statements. As part of its recent peering policy change, SEACOM de-peered many […]

Smart cities top Gartner’s hype cycle for Africa

ITWeb Smart city frameworks, the Internet of things (IOT) and low earth orbit satellite systems are the three technologies that will transform business in Africa within 10 years, says Gartner. To help business leaders discern what emerging technologies will be commercially viable, each year the Gartner Hype Cycle plots new technologies on a hype graph and highlights trends. This […]

Trends that are transforming the ICT channel

The distribution game is changing significantly. Twenty years ago, it was about box dropping, but the ongoing digitisation of practically every industry is leading organisations to demand new ways for products and services to be delivered. By Jacques Malherbe, chief technology officer of Axiz The industry has also become more inherently competitive. All the top […]

How VR could drive interest in space travel

Bloomberg – MyBroadband On May 25, 1961, U.S. President John F. Kennedy said Americans would land a man on the moon and return him safely to Earth by the end of the decade. Fifty years ago this week, NASA fulfilled Kennedy’s pledge. But while the space agency marched toward the moon, the nation was consumed by politics—from […]