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This is the data lost in recent privacy breaches

IT ONLINE A massive 530 million of the most significant breaches during the past year were emails, while 25% of the breaches included phone numbers. Privacy protection company Surfshark analyzed 5,3-billion data points from the most significant breaches of the past year, including Facebook, Wattpad and Raychat, and uncovered how they differ in scale, density […]

Nearly 80% lack confidence in their organisations’ cyber security posture

IT WEB A staggering 78% of senior IT and IT security leaders believe their organisations do not have adequate protection against cyber attacks, despite increased IT security investments made last year to deal with work-from-home challenges. This was revealed by a new IDG Research Services survey commissioned by Insight Enterprises, a global integrator of intelligent […]

Cyber attacks spike in healthcare amid COVID-19 second wave

IT WEB While many countries battle a second wave of COVID-19 infections, cyber criminals remain undeterred, with security firm Check Point witnessing a spike in attacks targeted at healthcare organisations. Last year also saw cyber attacks targeted at companies and government organisations distributing COVID-19 vaccines. Check Point says since its October 2020 report, which showed […]

New data breach exposes Mirror Trading International’s top earners

MY BROADBAND Details of the top earners in Mirror Trading International (MTI) have been exposed in a new data breach. A group or individual identifying themselves as “Anonymous” has taken credit for leaking the data. Unlike the original “MTILeaks” that were published on the dark web in September, this new cache of data is published […]

WhatsApp vs Signal vs Telegram vs Facebook – The data apps collect about you

MY BROADBAND WhatsApp has faced global backlash after publishing an addendum to its privacy policy, which users will be required to accept by 8 February 2021 to continue using the application. Among the changes to WhatsApp’s terms of service and privacy policy is a clause that allows Facebook to share data from WhatsApp across its […]

Cybersecurity in the new normal: Securing the distributed workforce

TECH CENTRAL The events of 2020 have brought about radical changes for the cybersecurity industry. The way that businesses work dramatically changed, and IT and security organisations were challenged to support a completely remote workforce – often within 24 hours. The rapid expansion to cloud and accelerated growth of IT assets, combined with a severe […]