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How cyber-crooks are succeeding with phishing

IT-Online Simulated phishing tests with an urgent message to check a password immediately were the most effective when it comes to cyber-crime, with 43% of users falling for it. This is one of the findings from KnowBe4’s Q3 2019 top-clicked phishing report. Social media messages are another area of concern when it comes to phishing. […]

Time to add a cyber incident response plan

IT-Online This time of the year is a boom time for cybercriminals. Consumers are shopping and transacting more. Shopping websites experience higher traffic volumes and process more payments than usual. Companies’ security teams can often be understaffed or unprepared for the influx of spam and malware doing the rounds. Employees are also more likely to […]

IoT under fire from cybercriminals

IT-Online Kaspersky honeypots – networks of virtual copies of various internet connected devices and applications – have detected 105-million attacks on IoT devices coming from 276 000 unique IP addresses in the first six months of the year. This figure is around nine times more than the number found in H1 2018, when only around 12-million […]

Security expert warns of unprecedented phishing attacks in SA

IT Web South Africa is witnessing an unprecedented increase in both simple opportunistic cyber attacks and complex targeted attacks, which are increasingly using sophisticated techniques in an effort to avoid detection, an industry expert has warned. Mimecast cyber security expert Brian Pinnock says the main way to protect against phishing attacks is to maintain a healthy scepticism and not […]

Safeguard your business against cyber threats

IT Web In this digitally dominated world, nearly all businesses have an online presence. While embracing the digital playing field offers businesses a multitude of new and exciting opportunities, it can also open them up to cyber security risks. Just as a company needs to stay abreast of the latest trends in online marketing, they […]

Cyber criminals aim to score with Rugby World Cup

IT Web With the Rugby World Cup underway, a security expert has warned that cyber criminals are match fit to breach the security defences of fans, organisers and sponsors. Simon McCullough, major channel account manager for Sub-Saharan Africa at F5 Networks, says with so much excitement in the air, fans may not be paying attention to some of the […]

South African websites hit by new Lilocked ransomware

MyBroadBand A new form of ransomware called Lilocked (or Lilu) has been targeting Linux servers and encrypting website files, asking for a Bitcoin ransom to get these files back. Media reports suggest that thousands of Linux servers across the world have become infected with Lilocked ransomware since July. One of the big concerns is that […]

Half of Android smartphones open to attack by SMS

IT Web Researchers at Check Point have discovered that certain Android-based phones, including models by Samsung, Huawei, LG and Sony, are susceptible to advanced phishing attacks.  This attack could see a bad actor tricking users into accepting new phone settings that could route all Internet traffic through a proxy controlled by them. This attack vector relies on a process called […]

Alarming Stats: Global cyber losses to reach $6 trillion in two years

IOL The cyber threat is producing some alarming statistics. A report by Aon found that annual global cyber losses are expected to reach $6 trillion (R88 trillion) by 2021, with cybersecurity spending set to exceed $1 trillion cumulative in the five years leading up to 2021. The report released on Tuesday stated that organisations were […]